Do you wish to remain, or become,  a talented teacher? This is where you find the tools.

VeronicaOne can recognise a great teacher by the way he interacts with a group. He captivatingly attracts the attention by listening actively and responding adequately. His tone, manner and mime are authentic, he is distinct, he is involved and he is sincere. This man or woman knows how to keep order without using words. A great teacher dares to set requirements, works efficiently with various teaching methods and has a sense of humour. His entire attitude indicates that he sees his students as his guests.

Who are we?

Weusten and Hoornstra form a small team of Dutch experts with long-term experience in various disciplines. Experience has taught us what it takes to be a good teacher. From our experience, varying from primary to tertiary levels, we know that the capacity to take charge in a group is essential for being a successful teacher. And taking charge does not mean bullying, but displaying efficient leadership skills; a friendly, decisive approach and clear, unambiguous body language, which will result in a relaxed order. Being knowledgeable doesn’t necessarily make one a good teacher. Having a good relationship with your students does. The Talented Teacher is a person of flesh and blood.