Well, many school boards find new teachers, both beginners and more experienced ones, difficult. Rather than discourage them I wish to give them a good start, so I give them a copy of ‘The Talented Teacher’and wish them good luck. The booklet tells them clearly what it takes to become a great teacher, and that is what I wish for any teacher, starter or senior. Peter Broerse in VVO magazine

“The Talented Teacher” is a practical and well-versed book. Weusten writes from her observations and suggestions. The book is filled with recognisable examples. At the back you find a useful observation form, for teachers and their peers to use when observing their own classes. Inge van Dijk in Van 12-18

In sum, “The Talented Teacher” is a clear, well-written and useful book. It is both practical and useful for novice as well as experienced teachers. Marja Verzijlberg in VELON magazine for teacher trainers

This well-written and attractively illustrated book offers the reader moments of self-reflection and gives advice on using personal characteristics, pedagogical skills and how to build relationships between a teacher and his pulpils, in which authenticity, openness, safety and empathy get special attention. Drs C.Y.C.M. Bun-Wasser, Foundatin of Dutch libraries

…Veronica Weusten’s booklet, which bubbles with vitality. It contains charming aspects. It is thin, cheap and covers a neglected part of being a teacher, namely that a teacher is more than an expert in his field. It also offers tips that are not magical or vague but very useful and practical. Ruud Baarda in MESO magazine

…a publication I read with increasing enthusiasm. (…) In the Teacher Training Course ‘Music Teacher’ at the academy of music Arnhem/Zwolle the book“The Talented Teacher” is compulsory literature for 3rd year students. Leon Vliegen in: Kunstzone, magazine for art and culture in education

How to become a talented teacher? Veronica Weusten formulates 10 steps to get there. (…) Teachers who start their careers in September can get hold of a free copy. Klasse, magazine for education, Flanders

I have been captivated by Veronica Weusten’s book The Talented Teacher, recently recommended to me by @realdcameron. I think it is delightful and true and confirms for me my heartfelt belief that, fundamentally, students need to feel loved; get a copy if you can!   John Tomsett, Headteacher in York

I found this book to be an invaluable resource and guide to improving myself and my skills as an educator. It has taught me much, and affirmed what I’ve learnt through experience, particularly in relation to the importance of appropriate connection with students. Practical, inspiring and easy to read, I would recommend it to anyone attempting to help others learn. Thank you for this! Yumna Mayet, Public Health Lecturer  College of Cape Town, South Africa

This book is a good resource as it makes one reflect on your own practice. I found after reading a chapter on attitudes that I am more mindful in what I say and how I say it so as not to offend anyone. Our classes are so diverse so it’s good to have this awareness. I especially liked the analogy of ‘Teachers as a hotel manager’ in how to apply your skill as a teacher to welcome, treat and manage the classroom. There was a good focus on boundaries and discipline. This book is good to have and refer to from time to time – it will see you through the easy and difficult teaching moments we are all bound to encounter. It’s also reassuring that we are not unique in our classroom issues; someone on a more global scale is experiencing a similar situation. Sharon Kelderman, ECD Lecturer College of Cape Town, South Africa

Feedback from the staff of College of Cape Town, South Africa:

  • It’s a handy tool providing clear perspecive of what is expected of an educator.
  • An easy to read handbook with practical examples of realistic teaching experiences.
  • A resource book for teachers whom we are equipping to touch children’s lives with concrete guidelines.
  • It lays a strong foundation for new and upcoming educators.
  • I enjoyed reading ‘The talented Teacher’. A firm, compact size to be taken, almost anywhere, especially in my handbag.

A selection from the comments on Workshop The Talented Teacher, January 2014 VSBO-school Pierre Lauffer Curaçao


  • Well done. Nice performance. Well prepared. Professional. Good Humour. Fascinating.
  • Very clear and very useful. Brief and powerful.
  • Clear, full of enthusiasme ad fascinating.
  • Clear explanation. Concrete examples.
  • Explanation of authority, confidence and loyalty.
  • Not too much talking, well varied. Use of interesting strategies.
  • Demonstrations, so: concrete examples.
  • Advice how to deal with disturbing pupils
  • Confirmation that what I do is good.
  • It sets you thinking about your own teaching and the way you keep the order in the classroom.
  • That order in the classroom is more important than the teacher’s professional know-how.

What ca be improved?:

  •  We would prefer a longer workshop.
  • Excellent! No suggestions. This is a workshop of high quality.
  • Really a model workshop. Powerful and captivating.

This book is such a great inspiration to me. Some days when I feel down, this book inspires me and shows me that I’m a great and talented teacher and that I don’t have tot stand down for anyone. It’s such a handy tool that one can refer to on a daily basis for encouragement. Elena Ackerman, ECD Lecturer, College of Cape Town, South Africa